Decorating Your Office

In today’s world, it can sometimes feel like we live at the office. However, it’s also a great reason to decorate it to make it that time a pleasurable experience. You never know – you might even forget you’re at work.

A great office makes it the whole day easier. That’s why it’s important to keep practicality and luxurious design in mind while putting together your space.

The most important parts of the office are the desk and the chair. The Mercer Desk is a great example of how a piece can serve a function while staying true to its modern design. It has unique curves with large drawers to hide all that clutter that builds up over time. As well, chairs are often considered even more important because they must be comfortable, support proper posture and have to stand up to being the focal point of the room. One chair that fulfills all those needs is the Eames High Back Executive Chairs. The height can be adjusted and the new tilt lock allows the chair to fit the user’s unique needs. These items easily surpass the generic chairs that furnish most offices.

Another point to consider when putting together your office is the color of your walls. Energizing shades can brighten your mood every morning and reduce that afternoon slump. If you can’t paint your walls, consider accenting your workplace with bright colors. If the room is grey, accessorize with orange and if you have  white walls, consider bright yellow or a vibrant blue.

Style can be injected into any situation and any setting. With Rove Concepts, even work can be a good place to be.


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