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Designing a Commercial Space

Decorating a commercial space can seem like a daunting task. When you’re creating a space that will be highly visible to clients, the public, or your company, you know the design game has changed. Commercial decorating can transform any space into a statement, whether an office, lobby, restaurant, or retail space. All you need to know is how to transform your space into your own brand message; it’s all about the ambiance!

Our Mid-Century inspired designs are perfect for creating a fresh and modern look for your commercial space. The impact of the furniture is naturally striking. The eyes will feast upon the geometric forms and bold silhouettes of our iconic designs. In an office, with a neutral colour palette, you can effortlessly evoke a workspace that is neat and professional. In a retail store, a refreshing modern twist can inspire confidence in your shoppers; being surrounded by timeless designs subconsciously can make quite an impression. You have the ability to create a whole new level of interest to an otherwise unremarkable space.

Almost all of our reproductions are customizable, which makes Rove Concepts a wonderful option when taking into consideration your brand awareness. Choosing your colours and having them coincide with your brand, be it a corporate logo or just an attitude you would like portrayed in the space, is the most fun but also most crucial when deciding on your furnishings. When you play within your colour scheme, it surprisingly gives you a chance to be even more creative while keeping the space cohesive. Although commercial decorating may be the unsung hero of the design world, you can’t deny the immense impact a well designed space contributes to any business.

Keep in mind that first impressions always count. Take some time to think about what others might see reflected in your commercial space as if you were looking in with new eyes. Rove Concepts has helped to transform many commercial spaces into modern and welcoming havens. You can browse some of the offices we have helped re-launch with style by checking out our Facebook page. Don’t be afraid to take on the task, commercial spaces can come alive with just some added flair from Rove Concepts.


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