Modern Furniture and Movies: 2001 A Space Odyssey

It is well known that Kubrick had a heavy hand in every aspect of his film’s production. From selecting the right type of fabric for the actor’s outfits to hand picking the modern or midcentury- furniture for his galactic space station, he knew what his version of the future would look like, and he made sure that it was flawless.

For example, he used George Nelson’s desk from Herman Miller’s 1964 Action Office series – which was relatively unknown at the time. In addition, he employed Danish designer Arne Jacobsen to create the cutlery used by the Discovery astronauts in the film, and he notably used Eero Saarinen’s 1956 Tulip Tables in the movie’s space hotel – which, unsurprisingly, could double for any modern hotel or bar in a high-end district nowadays.

Considering that both the Action Office furniture and Saarinen’s tables are still featured prominently in movies, homes and offices around the world today, it’s safe to say that Kubric and his team either had an almost psychic knack for predicting what the future would look like, or, more likely, were so influential and ahead of their time that they actually affected how society designed in the future.

You’ll see Saarinen’s iconic Tulip Tables flourishing in many home decor magazines of our modern day. Hand crafted with Cararra Marble from Tuscany, Rove Concept’s Tulip tables are made with only the highest calibre materials and craftsmanship.  They feature a base that is true to the original with cast Aluminum that undergoes a 5 step powder coating process to create the best look possible while also minimize chipping.  Likewise, the marble is finished with a high-end sealant that ensures a brilliant sheen for years.


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