How to Create a Mid-Century Modern Bar

Traditional pubs tend to be dark places with heavily-finished wood and turn of the century British-inspired furnishings. This style is great for a night out on the town, or an once-in-a-lifetime conversation with a stranger at 2 am in the morning, but for everyday at-home decor, it’s a tad too heavy.

Creating an at-home bar that is both modern and cosy requires some planning because it’s not easy to recreate that pub-like intimacy while also maintaining a light and stylish appearance. However, it can be done, and all you have to do is make some smart decor choices.

Keep it Clean and Loose the Clutter

To keep you bar visually appealing, you will want to avoid the common habit of creating clutter. This can be hard to do if you want to stock glasses and all your favourite spirits, but some great cabinetry, shelving and organizing will help you store all of the above without creating a mess. If you want a sleek look, stick to cabinets and countertops that are one colour with minimal detail. If you prefer to show off your liquor stash, then ensure that you keep your glasses tucked away, or vice versa. A light-coloured countertop will also give your bar a clean and open-air feel, or, should you want to go a little more serious, then black is a classic standby.

Make Your Stool Standout

A home bar is all about the barstool. It is the focal point of the room, and will set the tone for environment. If you want to evoke an atmosphere that is reminiscent of a traditional bar without being too heavy or ornate, Rove Concept’s custom-designed teak stools are an ideal pick. With rounded curves, clean lines and a retro finish, they add just a hint of that Old-English charm, while remaining mid-century modern and sleek. When contrasted with light-coloured countertops and shelving, they also create a look is decidedly retro-chic without being over bearing.

Alternatively, if you want to go a little more futuristic, the LEM Stool has a polished, stainless steel metal base, Italian leather cushion and an unmistakably innovative design that is popular in homes all around the world. The design is famously ahead of the curve yet it is also remarkably comfortable and functional.

Those seeking a slightly more industrial feel can opt for the simple and stylish Hanover Barstool. With a solid metal frame and a modern industrial design, it is a great choice for bars that have an open concept, exposed brick or a loft-like feel.

Lighting is Key

Whether your bar is in the basement or the kitchen, great lighting will help give it a refined look. You can opt for pin lights, track lights or hanging or pendant lights, as all add an element of modern cool to a traditional standby. Many decorators recommend placing the lights above the countertop and in the back bar area – especially if you are showcasing liquor there. However, ensure that when you choose your lights, they are not too hot as they can damage the shelf life of your spirits, and can be overwhelming for small spaces.

Have All the Tools on Hand

It might seem like a no brainer, but no bar is complete without a cocktail shaker, strainer, muddler, stirring sticks and spoons, and icemaker If you want to truly use your bar for keeping your guests entertained, then all you have to do is learn the art of a few good cocktails with the right tools. Cue this up with some great music, a tasteful decor and some great company, and you might just want to leave that old pub standby behind…


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