A Guide to Danish Teak: New in Rove Concept’s Renovated Showroom

The Danes are famous for many things. Whether it’s the creation of Carlsberg and Tuborg beers, the deft skill ofJannik Hansen’s skates, or the timelessness of Hans Christen Anderson’s stories, the country was, has been, and still is brimming with endless talent. However, in recent years, one could argue that it is their talent for furniture design that has taken centre stage, for the Danes have been able to continuously break barriers for pieces that are both modern and elegant, while also being functional and classic.

Enter the term “Danish Teak.” If you haven’t heard it before, it defines a style and type furniture that embraces modern Danish design elements, while using teak wood, which is remarkably durable, elegant and classic in its style. Many choose to describe the look of Danish Teak as: simple, smooth and functional, however, when put into a modern home decor setting, even one piece can enhance and illuminate your room with character and subtle finesse.

Historically, Danish Teak came into its own during the late 1940s, shortly after the Second World War. Denmark was brimming with creativity and optimism for a better and more independent future, and this ripe hope combined with their industrialisation, tradition of craftsmanship and unique approach to wood, ushered in a wave of modern furniture that the world had not seen before. Using acute attention to detail, proportion, size and shape, visionaries like Børge Mogensen  and Arne Jacobsen paved the way for these iconic looks, and their pieces are still celebrated the world over decades later.

New in our renovated showroom, Rove Concepts is proud to have a new collection of Danish Teak furniture that celebrates the great achievements of many modern design visionaries. You will find everything from credenzas to loungers on our floor, and we invite you to take your time to inspect the detail and craftsmanship in each piece. You will find our wood of only the highest caliber, with custom finishing that is meant to last throughout the decades. Located at 990 West 7th at Oak Street in Vancouver, BC, we welcome you to view all of our new and exciting designs. For those looking to see what we have online, our collection can be found on our Facebook page at Rove Concepts and will be featured on our new website soon.


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