Tips for Designing a Minimalist Living Room

It has happened to everybody. You walk into a friend’s house (perhaps they are newly moved in, or they’ve just finished some renovations), and everything just seems so clean, immaculately placed and, well… perfect. Your first reaction may be awe, then, secondly, just a slight hint of good-humoured jealousy, and then, most prominently, you have a relentless bout of curiosity. You ask yourself, “How did they do that?”

You look around the room, you see some great modern or mid-century furniture pieces, a nice rug, and a few pillows and you think, “Yeah, I can do this.” So you go home and start the redecoration of your living room. You shuffle things around, try to angle your sofa a different way, clear out a bit of the clutter, but, much to your dismay, your attempt at creating the same space you saw just a few hours earlier, somehow, just doesn’t cut it.

Don’t worry. It’s more normal than you think, and the reason why you may be struggling to create a minimalist decor for your living room is quite simple. Minimalism, despite all appearances, isn’t easy to do. There are several important factors that one must keep in mind when creating this type of space and Rove Concepts has compiled a list or tips to help you should you be seeking that oh-so-stylish looking decor.

1.  Reduce Clutter
Your living room should serve as a sanctuary where you can relax, read, watch a little TV and have some good conversations. Bearing this in mind, the furniture that you have here should reflect these activities, and only these activities. A good minimalist space will have a TV stand, coffee table, sofa, ottoman, bookshelf, lamps, and not much else. Great picks include the popular Noguchi Coffee Table, the Eero Saarinen Marble Tulip Oval Coffee Table, the classic Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, and the Allen TV Stand.

2. Avoid Excess Art or Wall Ornaments

Art is great. Everyone should have a few good pieces in their home to highlight their personalities and tastes. However, not all art has to be in the living room. When creating a clean space, it is best to choose one piece and have it serve as one of the focal points in the room. Keep in mind, if you have mirrors or ornaments, these also distract from the open space, so choose one or two types of this decoration only.

3. Your Sofa is the Centerpiece

The sofa (or loveseat for smaller spaces) is where you will be doing most of your sitting in the living room. It will likely be the largest piece in the space, so it needs to be stylish and reflective of the ambiance that you want the room to have. If you want a clean and sleek look, then you need to choose something with simple lines, subtle detail and solid colours.  Designs such as the Barcelona Sofa, Le Corbusier Petit Confort Sofa – LC2, or the Charles Large Sectional are perfect for a chic yet understated tone, and are renowned for their durability and comfort.

 4. There Must Be Room for Movement

In many homes or apartments, the living room connects to another important room, whether it be the dining room, kitchen or other. People should be able to easily walk from one room to the next without obstacles in the way, so a clear walking path should be established in the designation of space.

These are a few easy and important tips for making the most of your minimalist living room. If you have any suggestions of your own, please feel free to share them on our Facebook page (Rove Concepts), as we always love hearing what our fans and friend have to say.



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