Eero Aarnio’s Ball Chair: How the Legend Came to Be

You most certainly know the chair, but do you know the story behind it? The Ball Chair, also known as the Globe Chair, created by Eero Aarnio in 1963, stands as a testament to modern furniture and its ability to project into the future.

First shown to the public at the 1963 International Furniture Fair in Cologne, reactions its novel, spherical shape were immediately positive, quickly giving  it a reputation as of the most original, progressive and artistic designs of the century. Originally catered to more industrial environments, the chair became so popular that it was soon in the homes of many families across the globe, on the sets of famed sci-fi movies and TV shows in Hollywood , and eventually, in the exhibitions of the world’s most prestigious museums.

The chair’s design was also made with a particular function in mind as well. Specifically, Aarnio wanted to create a chair that could provide a quiet environment within an existing living environment, or, as some like to analogize, he wanted to create a piece of furniture that acted as ‘a room within a room.’ Hence, the spherical shape that eventually emerged was perfect for this purpose because it provided a cocoon like shelter from the outside world while also appearing completely modern, ergonomic and appealing. In addition, it had the ability to be mass produced, while maintaining many of the standards of the traditional modernist furniture movement.

The first prototype was made with a plywood frame, which was then covered in fiberglass that had a burnished finish. Originally the interior of the chair came with orange or black upholstery and a metal base that eventually was redesigned to swivel.

The Ball Chair so ardently epitomized the ingenuity, creativity and freedom of the era that it quickly became a piece of pop-culture in the ’60s, gaining a large cult following among many celebrities, designers and businesses of the day. Featured in sci-fi action movies such as “Moon Zero Two” and over-the-top psychedelic musicals like “Tommy,” the Ball Chair became more than just a popular design for the era however, it represented many of the ideals of ‘60s and ‘70s while managing to remain timeless and stylish as well.

In our modern day, however, the Ball Chair has the unique ability to appear both vintage and modern, giving it the versatility to look good in a number of decor settings. Whether you have a minimalist living room with open space and few accessories, or you have a vintage industrial loft, it can blend into virtually any environment, while still providing a functional and quiet space to read or relax in.

It’s no wonder that it is still featured in many modern design and home decor magazines around the world, as well as movies like “Dazed and Confused” and “Mars Attacks,” and even current pop-culture TV shows like “The Simpsons.”

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