Great Modern Halloween Home Decorations

Halloween is by far one of the most exciting celebrations of the year for home decorating enthusiasts. However, for some, the array of garish novelty decorations can leave little to the imagination. If you find yourself in this precarious position, don’t worry! You’ll be pleased to know that there are many sleek and simple do-it-yourself Halloween decor alternatives available – and you won’t have to skimp on the fun factor to create them.

Get Creative and Paint Your Pumpkins

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There are an endless range of colour options that you can choose when painting your pumpkin for Halloween. Opt for the classic (and easy) white, or try something avant garde with geometric patterns, lines and contrasting colours. Want something a little more ghoulish? Go for black paint and let it naturally drip down the surface of the pumpkin,


Display Treats in Stylish Jars

While those plastic pumpkin containers will always hold a special place in our hearts, you can’t beat the clean and colourful aesthetic of a well-placed, well-stocked candy jar. Whether you prefer the industrial look of a mason jar or the more stylized structure of a designer pick, these glass accessories will add a pop of colour and festive charm to any home. Just don’t forget to choose colourful treats such as candy corn, Smarties or M&M’s


Make a Stylish Pumpkin Beer Cooler

More than for just making pie, pumpkins are the perfect shape for many decorations, including a festive Halloween beer cooler. Simply buy a pumpkin large enough to fit your desired number of bottles, cut it in half horizontally, scoop out the insides, and fill with ice.

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Say It All with Key Halloween Phrases

If you’re a fan of great type fonts, you can get in the Halloween spirit by printing out some of your favourite holiday phrases, then, adding some colour to them and framing them. Simply ensure that you keep the design simple and structured, and you’ll have a decoration that is both charming and festive. Not the best at font design? Make it easier by using stencils.



Get in the ‘Spirit’ with a Ghost Chair

Nothing says ghostly more than the Ghost Chair. Add orange cushions to your iconic set and you’ll have them in the ‘spirit’ for the season in no time.

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