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The History of the Ghost Chair

It’s been over 10 years since the first Louis Ghost Chairs hit the market (in 2002 to be exact), and since then, the single design has been purchased in the millions, making it the most widely bought “original design” chair in the world. How did one chair become such a staple of the modern furniture movement?  It’s all in the details.

Developed by world-renowned contemporary designer, Phillipe Starck, the chair is famed for its transparent polycarbonate material which is formally reduced to give it a clear appearance, much like glass. Its form and design are a testament to simplicity and elegance, and are the result of a single injected polycarbonate mold that gives the chair its smooth lines, crystal clear consistency and an unparalleled uniformity.

There are countless reasons why the Ghost Chair has been successful both in the design and commercial world, and all of them can be attributed to its unique look and its functionality. Lightweight and comfortable, it has the ideal advantage of being useful in virtually every environment, from kitchen to living room, from indoor to outdoor. Resistant to heat, water and wear and tear, its durability is paramount. Likewise, its transparent nature also ensures that it can match nearly every style of decor, whether it be mid-century modern, industrial or French classic. Interior decorators have praised it time and time again for its ability to take up very little visual space, giving it the power to make tight environments appear larger and sleeker – a characteristic that is highly sought after in many modern living arrangements.

But, oh, the design. The Ghost Chair is not simply genius because of its function; its design transformed an ordinary dining chair into a sculptural form – something that not many chairs, especially ones made of modern materials, can lay testament to. Originally inspired by the 18th Century design of Louis XV’s wooden armchairs, Starck recreated the famously decadent style and feel of the French monarch’s style while managing to make it simple and minimalist at the same time. An almost conflicting set of design principles – opulence and simplicity – the chair managed to reinvigorate the modern furniture industry with its originality and practicality, solidifying its status as one of the best modern furniture designs of the new century.

Rove Concepts is proud of their Ghost Chair editions because each adheres to the complex and original single molding process, and each is flawless in weight, clarity and durability. Easily moved, stacked and added to any home environment, we know you’ll love what you see and feel.

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