The Simple Genius of the LAX Series

Simplicity. It is the crux of what makes modern and mid-century modern furniture so innovative, and it is what drives much of today’s modern aesthetic, whether it be in the technology, fashion or furniture world. However, as “simple” as it sounds in theory, the form is, ironically, difficult to achieve. When it is done well, however, there is no other look that can be so eye-catching, alluring, and enduring.

It has been many decades since the Bauhaus movement forged a trend towards the beauty of simplicity within modern home, and we have seen many designers, both legendary and unknown, create their version of this style. But, as is always the case with minimalism, not every attempt at the deceptively complex style has been successful — especially in more recent years — the home decor community seemed to be lacking in modern pieces that were new, innovative and fresh.

Insert the LAX Series, Mash Studios’ most recent series of modern furnishings, and you’ve got void aptly filled. Using the principles of the Bauhaus movement, but adding elements of the organic and utilitarian with a slightly warmer feel, the collection offers consumers a clean aesthetic that is minimal, while also being warm and rich tone. Brought together by the impeccably crafted, solid wood construction, the concept behind the design was to create furniture that had maximum durability, with minimal visual impact. Set in the modern classic style, the creators set out to make high-quality wood pieces that avoided any trendy or cheap construction, a move that echoes the sentiments of the Bauhaus movement in that both designs have clean, simple lines, superior craftsmanship, high quality materials, and functionality.

In addition, the collection has a deeper purpose, one that centers around longevity and sustainability. Specifically, the LAX Series minimizes long-term environmental impact by having pieces that last far longer than the average wood-based furnishings, and by avoiding unnecessary waste or materials during production. Using solid English Walnut, all pieces do not use formaldehyde glue, solvents, VOC or other toxins, and instead, rely on waste-reducing engineered wood, natural linseed oil finishes, and 100% recyclable, powder-coated aluminum. Made to endure, adapt to, and elevate any environment, this is the breakthrough that many furniture enthusiasts have been waiting for.

Rove Concepts is proud to feature their line of LAX series reproductions. Achieving the same principles of longevity, sustainability and style, we use only the highest grade English Walnut, natural finishes and craftsmanship behind each and every inch of our pieces. The quality can be identified immediately upon sight and touch, and we are sure you will be impressed. To see our LAX series- inspired collection, click here: http://ow.ly/qbH5u


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