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At-Home Offices Are Amazing, but Back Yard Offices Are the New Best

The benefits of working at home are manifold. There are fewer distractions; it’s quieter and you can customize your work environment to suit every single one of your needs. Whether you desire an LAX Series Desk or an Eames custom-leather lounge chair, you can create your own little enclave, complete with Star Wars action figures, deco art or whatever else your heart pleases.

Yet, a new trend in the architectural market sees offices moving in a different direction – into the backyard to be exact.

It sounds strange, but this new trend actually has some eye-catching designs that range from rustic to the eclectic to the downright bizarre. All offices, or office pods, as some are called, are built to fit into an average-sized back yard and provide the user with an extra element of privacy that is free from the demands of home life, whether it be the phone, TV or kitchen.

Below are a few of the most intriguing of the bunch:


The WorkPod by Ecospace has a streamlined, clean aesthetic that appeals to many design enthusiasts. Structured and simple, it echoes the clean and natural look of MASH studio’s LAX Series.


dmvA’s Blob VB3 is a back yard office that is futuristic, fluid and full of imagination. Looking like it came from a 2001: A Space Odyssey, the egg-shaped unit would fit well with any of Eero Saarinen’s pieces, whether it be the Womb Chair, Ball Chair or classic Tulip Table and Chair.


The Garden Studio by has a mid-century modern feel and is fully customizable with heating, lighting, bathrooms, kitchens and more.  Pair it with any Eames office chair, such as the Aluminum Group Management Chair or Soft Pad Management Chair, and you’ve got style pairing that works.







Thought they might not be for everyone, back yard offices are certainly an interesting idea, and should you ever desire an exceptionally private area for your at-home work space, we don’t think you can get more secluded than this.


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