Top Holiday Picks for Rove Concepts in 2013

With the winter winds slowly creeping around town, it’s safe to say that the holiday season of family gatherings, warm nights by the fire and festivities are well on their way. Getting into the spirit, Rove Concepts has gathered a list of our best gift picks of the season for those looking to give their loved something extra special this year.

With our holiday sale in full swing (up to 20% off from Dec 5th – 13th) we’ve carefully picked a wide selection of choices for the design lover in your family, ranging from sleek, well-appointed home accents, to larger center pieces – all of which are sure to make even the grinchiest gift-receiver smile with joy. The best part? While other presents may break, wear, tear, or even downright disappear (chocolate lovers, we’re looking at you), our quality pieces and materials are guaranteed to year after year, ensuring that they create lasting and meaningful memories too.

1. LAX Series Mirror


The LAX Series Mirror serves many purposes. Whether you want to place it in your bedroom, hallway or living room, it’s clean and organic appearance adds an element of crisp style to any environment. Use it as your daily wardrobe mirror, or set it in an area where it can reflect natural light to add the illusion of more space and windows in your home.

2. Eileen Gray Adjustable Table


Made by a woman who was just as famous for her independent spirit as she was for her mid-century modern designs, the adjustable E 1027 End Table is the epitome of simplicity, elegance and form. Eileen Gray made her iconic piece with double tubular steel mounted on the side and built it so that its circular tray could be adjusted to various heights. Whether you put it in the living room next to the sofa, or in the bedroom right next to the bed, it will appeal to the senses and add an air of elegance to any household.

3. Eames Molded Plastic Rocker

eames rocking chair

Rocking chairs used to be stereotyped for being your grandparents’ seats of choice, but when the Eames Molded Plastic Rocker came out, there was a whole new generation of  furniture enthusiasts who saw them in a whole new light. Made with the curves of the human form in mind, the chair can add a pop of delicious colourand comfort to your home – all while providing a soothing rocking motion to ease the mind.

4. Le Corbusier Chaise Lounge – LC4


Famous for being the archetype for mid-century modern style, the LC4 Chaise Lounge easily becomes the centerpiece of any room. Designed to adjust to a multitude of sitting angles, its moveable frame is not only practical but also sleek. Dubbed the “relaxing machine” by many a fan, it is more than just a chaise lounge – it’s a sanctuary.




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