Best Boxing Week Buys at Rove Concepts for the New Year

Picking out furniture for the new year can be an exciting prospect for any home decor enthusiast, but making the right decision requires some patience and style know-how. While you may want to scoop up the hottest must-have designer item of the year, there are several points you might want to consider beforehand.

Most people need to consider things like their daily routine and environment when choosing furniture for their home space, but it is also important to pay close attention to finite details like practicality, functionality and style longevity too. Luckily, Rove Concepts mid-century modern furnishings are hand-chosen for their subtle and timeless looks, and you will see our top pieces for the new year featured in home decor trends throughout 2014 and beyond.

Already proving their endurance through the dramatic fashion shifts of every decade since their creation, mid-century modern furnishings are always sound and stylish investments because they rely on crisp, simple and well-crafted looks that fit seamlessly into any habitat or era. There is no better proof of their longevity than the age of the designs themselves – many  of which were created over 50 years ago, but still have the sleek, contemporary finesse to appear ahead of their time even to this day.

Bearing this in mind, here is our list of our favourite Rove Concepts mid-century modern reproductions for the upcoming year, but we’re sure that even decades down the road, you’ll still find them fresh.

The Cherner Chair

Cherner Side Chair

Created by Norman Cherner, the Cherner chair is an exemplary model of molded plywood perfection. First sold in 1958, the chair solidified its iconic status when it was featured in Norman Rockwell’s 1961 painting “The Artist at Work.” A classic that has remained popular until this day, the design is ageless with its sculptured curves, rich colourand organic appearance. Easily blended into any environment, whether it be an industrial-inspired kitchen, or lavishly decadent living room, it is a chameleon that demands attention.

Warren Platner Coffee Table


A trailblazer for his stunning use of steel in furniture, Warren Platner’s collection of tables and chairs use a futuristic yet elegant design of wire, space and as many as 1,000 custom designed welds to create pieces that immediately become the centerpieces of any living space. With his coffee table, the clear, tempered glass top adds a wide space for practical usability while also ensuring a clean aesthetic that is still novel decades after its birth (1962).

PK22 Chair

Pkk 22

Elegance is the defining factor in Poul Kjærholm’s widely hailed PK22 chair. Developed in 1956, the chair’s steel frame and subtle yet slick leather, suede or wicker body has won awards and attracted attention for over 60 years because it is the epitome of sophistication and form. Whether it is serving as the ideal fireside reading chair in an upscale luxury home or as the foyer focal point in an exposed brick loft, it enhances any room in the house with grace.

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