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The Proof Is in the Words: Rove Concepts Shares Our Favourite Customer Comments, Photos and Reviews!

There is nothing more gratifying than hearing feedback from a happy customer. We strive to do this every day with the quality of our furnishings and our customer service. Whether you have questions about our extensive selection of Italian leathers, Bouclé Fabrics or wide range of upholstery colours, we are dedicated to providing you with our best. Bearing this in mind, we are always excited and appreciative when our customers send us photos, updates and kind words about their experiences with us and our furniture, and we’d like to share some of our favourites over the past few months, many of which have come through our social media channels. Here they are:

 Just got my chair the other day. It is perfect. Thanks!”

— Stu via Facebook

Hello “RC” (Rove Concepts),
I message again in response to a photo just posted on your page of the Ghost Chair!… I respond to you with a a few photos of my dining area – which is a work in progress, as I find more… I love the tulip table with the ghost chair, and I absolutely love my clock as well. If you have any design/decor advice, I would truly appreciate it. Thanks for posting such ‘yummy’ photos. (I know that’s not a design-correct term, but it describes my love for furniture of that era).

Keep posting beauty!
Thank you.”

— Lavivka via Facebook

You were right @roveconcepts… It was worth the wait. #hanswegner #flaghalyard #mcm.”

— mmctigue via Twitter

Here’s the picture of the LC4 in its new home with a view! Client and I both love it! Great quality. Well done! I will continue to order from Rove with confidence. Thank you!

— Dana via email

Just recently purchased the Eames Soft Pad Management Chair. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with this chair. The chair arrived three days shy of the 14 weeks Rove indicated it would take for custom orders. It was packaged expertly and there was no damage to the chair in shipping. The chair was fully assembled with the exception of inserting the hydraulic mechanism into the base and sitting the finished chair on top. The craftsmanship of this chair is indescribable! The frame is the best made I have seen on the market and the leather on the chair of the finest quality and every stitch and seam sewn straight and perfect. I understand these chairs are made overseas and are then shipped to Rove Concept’s Vancouver office for quality control to inspect and pass for release to the customer. Those that are USA bound come into Washington state and from there are distributed via FedEx and other domestic carriers to people fortunate enough to have bought from Rove Concepts.

The office staff at Rove Concepts is exceptional! Thanks to Matt, Melanie, and all the staff there who helped me with my order. I realize in this world of instant gratification most find it hard to wait 14 weeks to order an office chair but, I can assure you after sending two cheap copies of this Eames back to their respective vendors this chair was well worth the wait. Rove’s products are as good as they claim and surpass anything I’ve come across to-date in workmanship, quality, and comfort. Also, I agree with Michael W. from a previous review when he stated the savings over buying from Herman Miller. Your savings will run from the hundreds into the thousands depending on the product purchased.

It has been my pleasure to write this review. I never shy back from complimenting when appropriate and in this case it was, I can’t say enough about how pleased I am! In fact I don’t know but what, if living today, Charles and Ray would have bought from Rove Concepts.

Many Thanks Rove Concepts!”

— Wendy A, USA

We know how important it is to have the perfect living space, and that’s why we put so much time, effort and pride into our collection. You might only need a simple Barcelona Side Table to perfect your living room ambience, or you may need an entire set of Eames chairs to fill the new empty space that is your new loft. Either way, our pieces are meant to add character, style and individuality to your home while also providing you with exceptional comfort, quality and longevity. That being said, we’re happy that our friends and fans are satisfied with their experiences, and we hope to create many more memories for them and others in the future.

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