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Looking Forward to 2014: Purple, Mid-Century Modern and Mix & Match Styles Make Their Mark

The New Year is always inspiring. For many, it is a time to clean out the closet (both literally and metaphorically), and it is also a time to pave the road for new adventures, outlooks and horizons.

In the decor world, there is nothing better than the ritual of ushering in fresh colours, ideas and settings for the New Year, and at Rove Concepts, there is nothing better than applying these exciting looks to our timeless collection of mid-century modern furnishings.

This week, we’ve scoured all the latest design sources to find out which up and coming themes you will see prominently throughout 2014 and hope that you’ll find a wealth of furniture and decor inspiration to draw from. The best part? As decor styles change, and fashion movements come and go, all of our iconic pieces will continue to shine with lasting style and elegance.

Here is what you can expect to see more of in the home decor world in 2014.

A World of Colour & Radiant Orchid


For a few years now, natural hues and white-themed environments have had the stronghold on home decor fashions. Clean, simple and evocative of a tranquil sanctuaries, the popular minimalist aesthetic is still beautiful, but we are excited for the transition into more colour this year.

Decidedly, the Pantone colour of the year is Radiant Orchid and it is a bold shade to behold. This exotic and passionate hue can enhance the vivacity of any room with only a touch of application, or it can make a loud and exciting statement when featured prominently. Described as “vibrant and captivating” by the Pantone judges, Radiant Orchid and other purple shades are exactly so, and can add some much needed finesse to your home if you’re looking to welcome some moxie in 2014.

Rove Concepts Picks: Tulip Chair with Premium Cashmere Wool in AmethystSwan Chair in Amethyst


Get Clean with Concealed Storage




No one likes clutter, and each year we are seeing more furniture designs that make the problem of too much stuff seemingly disappear. Couple this look with designers and decor lovers who continue to appreciate the open-concept and minimalist home environment and it’s a sure bet that concealed storage will be a force in furnishing this year. Featured in shelving, cabinets, credenzas and even beds, you can never go wrong with these sleek designs that provide you with more room to organize your life.


Rove Concepts pick: LAX Series Storage Platform Bed


Mid-Century Modern Style, Both Classic and with a Twist

Warren Platner Coffee Table(1)

Not surprisingly, Mid-Century Modern furniture is featured prominently in home decor predictions for 2014, and the focus this year is less on achieving the complete look through art, accessories and Mad Men-inspired kitchenware, but more through the large center pieces such as the Warren Platner coffee table, the Noguchi coffee table and ever-popular Saarinen side tables, dining tables and coffee tables.

In addition, many designers are encouraging a “mix & match” of decor styles with the mid-century pieces, either through a pairing of modern accessories and colourful rugs or through other contemporary home decor pieces.

Rove Concepts picks: Warren Platner Coffee TableNoguchi Coffee Table, Saarinen Tulip Dining Table.

Of course, at the end of the day, your home is your style. You can add one or all of these elements to your living space to create a new feel for the coming year, or you can simply choose the pieces that speak to you and your style at the moment. Either way, we’re sure that you’ll find more than a handful of furnishings in our collection to pique your fancy, ranging from the bold and beautiful to the subtle and stylish.

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