Using Modern Texture For Minimalists

It may seem contrary to consider using texture in a minimalist home. After all, the purpose is to create the most streamlined space possible. However, small touches of texture can liven up any place without impeding the purpose of a pared-down area.

Texture can take the form of simplistic accents like a plant or a rug. These pieces and other similarly items can be used sparsely to maintain the feeling of a somewhat sparse home while still being visually stimulating.

All-In-One Furniture


One wonderful way to add texture is to use multiple materials in one item. The contrast can just be stunning. One fantastic example is the Rove Concepts Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair. The stainless steel frame, leather headrest, flag line and sheepskin throw are a stunning conversation piece, plus the added materials add comfort. It’s an incredibly inviting chair that’s still appealing to any taste.

The Appeal of Flowers


Plants are a great way to use contrast. They have the advantage of being relatively inexpensive and easy to change. Orchids, tiger lilies and other plants with simplistic, curving silhouettes are fantastic looking. Greenery is also lovely, such as grass and well-trimmed spider plants. There’s so much that can be done with a simple bouquet or pot. The plants are especially stunning when they’re organized in odd numbers, particularly groups of three.

Organic Materials



Other great organic accessories that add to a space are rocks, forest materials and found items from the shore. Just please remember to only collect what can be taken away without harming the environment.

Even in a minimalist-inspired home, texture can be used to add something special to your space. Remember, minimal doesn’t mean boring and it certainly doesn’t have to feel cold.


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