Vancouver Magazine Loves Us!

They even said so themselves. We are excited to star in their two page article in the latest installment of the “Stores We Love” series. The popular design, architecture and lifestyle magazine recently came in to our brand new showroom to take a look around and learn a little bit more about us.

We were especially proud to tell author Laura Beeston how we make our furniture. It’s immediately obvious that each of our pieces is held up to these high standards. You can tell that you’re getting something that was cared for, from start to finish.

That level of attention is rare for any company, let alone mid-century modern furniture retailers. The flood of cheap knock-offs makes it hard to find anything that you will still be happy with in five, ten, even fifteen years from now. You can save your time and the environment by buying something beautiful that will last for years to come.

After all, as Vancouver Magazine said, “…if you don’t want to compromise on quality and you appreciate an obsessive attention to detail, there is another option: Rove Concepts.”



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