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Danish Teak: An Old, New Trend

It is easy to lose track of other furniture styles when surrounded by the classics: Barcelona Chairs, Le Corbusier seating, Florence Knoll designs, Eames Lounge Chairs. But there is so much more to the mid-century era. One of these is Danish furnishings, one of the period’s newest, oldest types.

There are many reasons for you to choose Danish teak, such as the fascinating history, the benefits of the material and its wide appeal.

Teak is native to Indonesia and Southeast Asia. It was brought to Danish attention because of the European country’s temporary colonization of the area. They commonly used it to decorate their homes and as an exported natural resource but it was not widely popular in Denmark until after WWII, when it began to be marketed to the mass market.

The wood was originally valuable because of its availability but still remains desirable today due to its durability, weather-resistance and beauty. It is a strong wood that can withstand a great deal of wear and tear, as well as different temperatures and weather. However, the best part of this material is its beauty. The natural, rich color, quality and texture of the wood are simply gorgeous. While the limited availability has increased the price, the advantages are clear.

Despite the generally high price of Danish teak, it is worth it. It often lasts for decades without aging. In fact, it’s hard to tell the difference between authentic antique Danish teak and modern equivalents. As well, it is possible to find affordable pieces. A wide variety of pieces like desks, chairs, coffee tables and shelves are accessible at Rove Concepts, exclusive to the Vancouver showroom.

While the actual material is very distinctive, you can tell whether a piece is in the mid-century modern style. It will be defined by its relatively straight lines, tapered legs, fabric cushions or plywood veneer. It also emphasizes functionality, craftsmanship, quality and natural proportions.

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