Designer Feature: Borge Mogensen

How many forks do you own?

That wouldn’t be such an odd question to Borge Mogensen (1914-1972), one of the forerunners of the “Danish Modern” vision. His distinctively direct, almost-scientific approach led him to create hundreds of furniture and storage designs, many of which are still popular to this day.

Arguably, the most well-known pieces are the 2211 Chair, 2212 Loveseat and 2213 Sofa. Their strong, clean lines and soft cushions make them enduring classics of the mid-century period. Powerful and straightforward, there is no wasted material or effort. They were truly inspirational examples of how functionality was crucial to modern Danish style.

Rove Concepts stayed true to this intention with the 2211 Borge Mogensen Chair Reproduction, 2212 Borge Mogensen Loveseat Reproduction and 2213 Borge Mogensen Sofa Reproduction. Upholstered in 100% Italian aniline leather and constructed with a hardwood box frame, they are made with longevity in mind. And with duck down feathers and multi-density foam, they are comfortable too.

While Mogensen is most well-known for his seating series, he also infamously experimented for 12 years with the problem of storage in the modern home. In the Boligens Byggeskabe (Construction Cupboards of the House) project, he partnered with Gethe Meyer to try to master built-in shelving. It was meant to solve every storage problem possible. He took reports on the property of an average person, such as amounts of pants or utensils, and applied it to a construction guide for future buildings.

Incredibly prolific, Borge Mogensen has been featured in many one-man shows in New York, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris, London and Zurich. The winner of prestigious awards like the Eckersberg Medaillen (1950) and the Honorary Royal Designer for Industry (1972), the designer’s strict approach to mid-century modernism is one of the defining features of the style.


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