Paint Your Walls With Creativity

It’s as exciting as watching paint dry… that is to say, thrilling! One of the newest developments in paint is chalkboard paint and all of the ways to use it.

Chalkboard paint has been around for a few years but when it caught the attention of Martha Stewart, it exploded in popularity. Internet DIY fans and Pinterest projects explored the multipurpose produce to a mind boggling degree.

There are so many ways to use it, from home decorating accents to feature walls to practical applications. Functional in so many ways, chalkboard paint is well deserving of its place in the public eye.

The most frequent way that the paint is used is as an erasable day planner or calendar. The product’s temporary nature lends itself perfectly to changing day-to-day tasks and dates. It’s hard to miss an appointment or due date written on the wall!

Similarly, another common use is to make create lists, whether it is painted on a wall or on an object. Blocking off and painting a To Do list by the door is a fantastic way to prevent forgetting something, while painting a refrigerator door with a grocery list is just genius.

In the kitchen, chalkboard paint is especially helpful. Not only does the homey feeling of drawn or written chalk add to the warmth of the kitchen, it is also functional. It is impossible to lose a whisk or forget where gravy boats are kept when they are clearly labeled on the cupboard.

Like in the kitchen, chalkboard paint is great as a way to label items. Whether it is a place setting or a cup, there will never be a mix up about what belongs to who.

A unique way to exercise a creative side is to paint a feature wall. Instead of using a permanent piece of art to decorate, art in chalk form can be used to re-decorate a home over and over again. It can even be used to replace furniture in a playful way, such as drawing in a headboard in a bedroom.

It is amazing how many different ways there are to use chalkboard paint. When it is paired with Rove Concepts furniture, there is no limit to how amazing your home can look. Just keep drawing and exploring – inspiration will follow.


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