Make Like A Tourist And Tour Some Architecture

Any city has distinctive characteristics, even your own. You may be used to the architecture but there’s always something to be appreciated about it, whether your area is modern, iconic, restored or something else entirely. Sometimes it’s nice to make like a tourist and explore your city or town with fresh eyes!

Many larger cities and historic areas have formal architecture tours, especially in areas well known for their building works. Bus tours are popular in bigger cities like Tokyo and Shanghai, while famously preserved areas like San Francisco are better suited for walking tours.

For example, in Vancouver, BC, one of the premiere ways for visitors and locals to explore the city is with the AIBC Architectural Walking Tours. They show you around distinct areas like Gastown, Chinatown, Strathcona, Yaletown, the West End and Downtown, all while providing interesting information about the buildings there. The program has been quite successful, operating during the summer and privately touring in the off-season.

In Chicago, there are hundreds of choices for architecture tours. Having been the source of the Ferris Wheel, the possessor of the tallest building in the Western hemisphere and the birthplace of the first skyscraper, the city is an amazing source of historic works. There are walking, boat, bus, train, bicycle and Segway options easily available for every budget and interest.

If you live in Miami, you’re familiar with the Art Deco buildings found throughout the city and along the major beach strip. Offering self-guided tours or tours led by experienced guides and experts, this city is a shining beacon of the distinctive Miami take on the architectural style.

Even in smaller areas, you’re sure to find interesting buildings and a style that represents your home. You can do a little research to find out more about the history of architecture where you live and guide yourself through where you live in a fun and informative way. One of the greatest benefits of a self-directed tour is that you can concentrate on what you’re interested in and control your own pace.

It can be especially entertaining to imagine what these buildings must have been like when they were first built. Thinking about a mid-century modern bungalow decorated in Rove Concepts Eames Chairs, Rove Concepts LC1 or Rove Concepts Egg Ottoman really is exciting. Plus, depending where you are, the next house may have you daydreaming about French vintage in an airy, classic home. After all, architecture and interior design often go hand-in-hand.

It’s fun and interesting to learn more about your local area. Make like a tourist and check out the architecture in your hometown!


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