Update Your Modern Space With Rustic Minimalism

Minimalism as we know it has been popular since the mid-century. However, a new take on the style has taken decorating by storm. Rustic minimalism is one of the freshest takes on the classic approach, appearing in leading home magazines and blogs alike. Here’s how you can incorporate this trendy approach that’s fast becoming a staple in interior design.

Rustic minimalism features organic materials with a combination of modern design or vice versa. Architecturally, it can be modern, country or industrial-inspired. It’s very flexible, letting you incorporate your own personality while staying up to date. Typically, it includes unfinished wood, concrete, stainless steel and leather.

The most common and quickest places to use this style are dining areas and bedrooms. Put different elements and designs close together for the most dramatic effect. Rove Concepts DSR Dining Chairs look great tucked in under rough wood tables or you can take an opposite approach by using a simplistic Rove Concepts Noguchi Dining Table with vintage walnut chairs. Meanwhile, modern beds like the Rove Concepts Jane Bed look stunning with unfinished bedside tables and country lamps.

Putting new items with old-fashioned finds is a timeless method of decorating. Enjoy an easy afternoon hunting for home and office accessories and furniture in your local antique shops. Follow your own aesthetic and pick out what appeals to you, whether it’s a French country kitchenware set or an urban bar cart.

There are so many easy DIY options as well. You can reclaim wood from forests or beaches, making sure to clean it off and remove any areas that may rot or have insects. Found branches make wonderful coat hangers and wall decorations, as well as fantastic table arrangements. Another idea is, if you’re experienced with using woodworking tools, hollowing out tree stumps for an exciting alternative to side tables and stools.

An especially fun project is making table lamps. All you need are clear vases and bare bulbs attached to an electrical cord. Simply put a light bulb in the glass vase and plug it in to create perfect lighting for any area in your home or office.

Changing seasons is an ideal excuse to transform your space. Try experimenting with rustic minimalism today!


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