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There are a blogs out there but there are definitely some stars that stand out.

It’s undeniable that it’s easy to get lost of the shuffle of thousands of lifestyle, fashion and design blogs. But there are some sites pinned on your bookmark bar that you never miss an update from.  The Fox & She is definitely one of those must-reads for the Rove Concepts team.

The Fox & She is authored by the incredible Blair, who seems to make everything she touches chic. She writes about design, her projects and her life as an ultra-stylish entrepreneur. Her latest entries have been on her adventures in Hong Kong!

Blair loved white marble and was just moving into a new home so naturally, as a design lover, was looking for new pieces. Luckily, she came across Rove Concepts and was delighted in its customizable sizes, choices of white marble or black granite, accuracy and affordability.


Images Fox and She

She did a lot of research before deciding on Rove Concepts, from reading reviews to watching Rove Concepts videos. Once she was confident she could trust her purchasing choice, Blair went for it and was delighted she did.

“The guys set it up in just under 15 minutes and removed all the trash too. Soon after they left, I did a happy dance around it since it was so pretty! I adore the marble top with grey veins that run through it and the sleek and minimalist design is perfect for a small space. It’s very sturdy (you can see the support in the fourth picture above). The marble top is thick and sealed to protect against water damage and scratches.”

We were flattered that she recommended us so passionately to her many, many readers.


Images Fox and She


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