Sustainable, High Quality Wood? It’s True – Get Proud of Your Plywood!

We won’t deny that it’s odd but few things thrill us quite like furniture material. Whether it’s sorting through dozens of leathers by hand to find the perfect hide or testing our multi-density foam, we definitely enjoy our work. That’s why we’re so excited about our plywood – but really, who doesn’t love to talk about wood veneers?

It’s difficult to find mid-century plywood due to the painstaking effort involved with crafting the pieces. There’s no hiding behind overstuffed cushions and cheap upholstery as plywood allows for no mistakes. We’re the leading retailer of the material in the industry because we take such care during production.

Rove Concepts plywood features real wood veneers sourced exclusively from North America and Brazil. These Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified Firsts and Seconds (FAS) grade veneers can be found in iconic products like the LCW Molded Plywood Chair and Scando Coffee Table in Rosewood Palisander, Walnut and Natural Oak.

The quality of the plywood can also be seen in its thickness. You can tell that our items are investment pieces because the veneers are significantly thicker than other options on the market. When you buy Rove Concepts plywood, you’ll know that you’ll have it for years to come.

There are other details that really make a difference. Sanded smooth and consistently level, we care about the finish and precision that will make your furniture stand out.

Take a close look at our plywood to see why we’re so passionate about the material. We think that once you do, you’ll feel exactly the same way.





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