Merlot & Midnight

Merlot & Midnight

Imagine being closely surrounded in warmth on a dark, cold night. It’s a perfect image for the season and the greatest inspiration for design lovers to take up a moody palette of rich burgundy, stormy blues and the deepest blacks around. Creating a theatrical or intimate atmosphere for your interior has never been easier. Pick up a few accessories or invest in a classic to introduce Merlot + Midnight into your space.

Creating a solid foundation of deep hues is the fastest way to get this style. Introduce softness with the Florence Knoll Sofa in Merlot for a room that immediately calls for close friends and relaxation. If you prefer comfortable structure, choose the down-filled 2212 Loveseat in Milano Smoke. A few investment items go a long way to realizing your ideal living or business area.

Organic shapes are the most dramatic way to have wine and night-inspired shades to your home or office. Already statement pieces because of their unusual silhouettes, these chairs and tables in inviting materials like American Walnut inspire in-depth discussion. Try the Noguchi Coffee Table with its abstract table base to keep the conversation at your next party flowing.

It’s important not to lose sight of the details when decorating with big colors. Avoid getting lost in commanding tints that run the risk of overwhelming an interior, especially in smaller rooms. Simply highlight using sleek accents in white and greyscale ombre. By brightening using inexpensive accessories like the Geometric Vase – 4, you’ll never run the risk of looking too vampy.

Danish wools in Camira Tweed, in Midnight, Smokey Quartz and Merlot are a gorgeous way to add some drama into your space, whether it’s by crafting an area for intimate talks or a boardroom for luxurious meetings. Order swatches and see for yourself how beautiful Merlot + Midnight can be.

Merlot & Midnight


  1. 2212 Loveseat in Vintage Leather, Milano Smoke
    Structured shapes in understated hues provide the groundwork for this enticing style.
  2. Ferm Living Cushions
    Dare to cozy up with cushions with touches of these rich tints.
  3. Ferm Living Accessories
    Contrast with modern accessories in white for a space with a flair for the dramatic.
  4. Noguchi Coffee Table
    Abstract tables take on moody tones for statement pieces that invite deep conversation.
  5. Swan Chair in Boucle Wool, Merlot
    Organic curves  in rich reds are understated ways to subtly update your interior.
  6. Wing Chair  in Camira Tweed, Midnight
    Bold angles in sophisticated midnight blue are perfect for a relaxing night with your favorite book.

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