The Brick House nursery

Thinking outside the box is always a good thing, which is why we are so excited to see Rove Concepts as a feature in The Brick House’s nursery project. The customized Womb Chair is placed right beside the window to highlight how outstanding it is, especially with its premium cashmere wool upholstery. Get inspired by this gorgeous room to create your own space!

The nursery features a playful mix of textures and colors to create a room that anyone would be happy to spend countless hours in. Accessories are used to highlight the great foundational furniture in the room, though practicality is still first on the list: toys, seating and the cradle are all undeniably functional and neat.


Accessories give this nursery its sophisticated, inviting feeling. Classic hues and patterns are combined in unusual ways to create youthfulness, such as the white and blue wall, gold and peach mobile and tan and gold on the salmon colored dresser. Modern and bohemian accents are combined with toys, while the camel artwork is undeniably cute. The delicate combination of these accents definitely creates an awe-factor.

Accessories may distinguish this room from others but nothing is more important than essential furniture. Functionality is key, especially for busy parents on the go. All the foundational furniture in the room is comfortable and practical. The cradle is a necessity in any nursery, while there is plenty of storage space for basics and toys.

The Womb Chair is particularly useful as a thoughtful chair for this room. Its generous seat and plush cushions allows lounging in any position for a long period of time, which is fantastic for nursing and rocking away bad dreams at 4 am. The Smokey Quartz premium cashmere was chosen to reduce the daily wear and tear it’d receive as a nursery lounger. Its color wears over time beautifully and cashmere is incredibly strong, plus the stainless steel base means that its sturdiness is guaranteed.

The Womb Chair is a perfect choice for any room in need of a stunning, relaxing seat. It shines here as the main lounger for this chic nursery – we’re so glad we could help.



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