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It’s always so wonderful to see how Rove Concepts fans use our gorgeous reproductions. We spend hours crafting pieces in our exclusive facilities but once they’re shipped directly to you, we don’t get to see them again. That all changed with the customer submission contest. During the event, you sent us pictures of Rove Concepts furniture in your homes and offices and told us why you love us. We’re blushing just thinking about it!

It’s easy to be inspired by the unique ways our products add personality to a space. Keep reading to see how Jarrod, Paula, Reid, Scott, Steve, nadine_77 and slowlyrenovating use their Rove Concepts items to add a touch of iconic mid-century modern design to their lives.

Jarrod's Living Room

Jarrod’s Living Room

Jarrod’s living room was, by far, the most adorable with his Barcelona Daybed posed alongside its dog-sized twin. Plus, how could we resist that cute dog? He chose Rove Concepts because he wanted to “realize the dream of having matching daybeds” with his beagle, Lyla. He likes the daybed so much that the Barcelona Chairs are on his wishlist now too. Jarrod’s minimalist black and white decor highlights the most important parts of the space: his clever dog bed and vintage-style art. The Barcelona Collection is a classic choice for galleries and museums so Jarrod’s selection makes sense – though we don’t think dogs are allowed in the Louvre!

Paula's Dining Area

Paula’s Dining Area

Like Jarrod, Paula uses minimalism in her dining area, showing her Wishbone Chairs off to perfection. Her lacquered white table, pure white shelves and clean white walls are the perfect backdrop for the solid wood Wishbone Chairs, dark wood cupboards and hardwood floors. This simplicity also lets her chandelier shine bright. She says, “I love the chairs and the arrangement! The chairs bring everything together.” This pared-down interior is a blank canvas that’ll never distract from meals and your loved ones, the most important parts of any dining experience.

Reid's Livng Space

Reid’s Livng Space

Reid uses dark neutrals and strong lines to form a highly functional living space that suits the outstanding craftsmanship and comfort of the Rove Lounge Chair and Ottoman. He keeps his praise to the point, just like his room, saying that he adores his lounger and that it “gets watched more than the TV!” Long lasting fabrics and darker tones like earthy corduroy, medium hued hardwood, Modena Black aniline leather and Rosewood Palisander withstand daily wear and tear easily. Not to mention that there’s no messy clutter, promoting the stress-free environment that everyone seeks.

Scott's Dining Area

Scott’s Dining Area

Scott took advantage of our cohesive Saarinen Tulip Collection by decorating with the Saarinen Tulip Side Chairs and Saarinen Tulip Table in Cararra Marble. His use of natural elements and artwork like his floral painting, flower arrangement and fruit centerpiece reflect the authenticity of the table’s white Italian marble beautifully. You can be like Scott and create a theme with your accents, bringing life to your eating area and making every “dining experience… a work of art.”

Steve's Studio

Steve’s Studio

The unusual design of the Flag Halyard Chair is the ideal fit for Steve’s creative studio. He takes full advantage of its comfort, saying that he “contemplate[s] art as [he] melts into the chair.” The Flag Halyard Chair’s atypical mix of leather, halyard line, stainless steel and Australian sheepskin throw is coordinated with his matching sheepskin-style rug and metal lamps. Steve’s eclectic interior is emphasized even more with his incredibly colorful paintings and pillows. There’s no doubt that this space is a fantastic representation of who Steve is and what he enjoys. In the end, isn’t that the goal of interior design?



nadine_77 used Houzz, the international design community, to post her pictures and charming review of Rove Concepts. She believed in us so much that she made a large order and it certainly paid off, as her living room is absolutely stunning. Her Rove Lounge Chair and Ottoman, Noguchi Coffee Table and Walnut Stool fit together amazingly. She says that the Rove Lounge Chair and Ottoman exceeded her expectations, as it “sits and feels just like the original [she] tried at DWR.” You can get her look by balancing quality woods with dark materials like 100% authentic Italian Modena Black leather to create a sophisticated and timeless room.



slowlyrenovating also posted to Houzz to show off their modern home. They use Barcelona Chairs and a red Egg Chair to make a striking space, balancing statement pieces and big colors expertly. Their leather Barcelona Chairs contrast the new walnut floors, forming “a lovely place to relax with a glass of wine and listen to some piano music.” Not to mention the “fabulous” Egg Chair that could not be more chic with its bravely textured fabric. slowlyrenovating’s bold choices certainly pay off, leading to a room that’s easy to admire.

Thank you so much for letting us into your space. Please let us know how your Rove Concepts experience continues by sending us photos and feedback on your mid-century modern reproduction. You can reach us at customercare@roveconcepts.com, 1-800-705-6217 or on Live Chat at www.roveconcepts.com. We also appreciate reviews left at Trustpilot, which you can find at https://ca.trustpilot.com/review/www.roveconcepts.com. We hope to hear from you soon!


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