Patio days, the greenhouse, and an Endless Summer

Welcome to the Endless Summer Series. This week we are featuring design inspiration for the summer we hope never ends. Follow us for a great escape.

terraces-14Endless Summer Part 01—Friends dine and drink until the day is young again. Photo by Sharyn Cairns inspired by @nordic_design

Kekkillä / Linda Bergroth 5.9.09Endless Summer Part 02—I’ve always wondered what it was like to be inside a little glass terrarium. Photo by Arsi Ikaheimonen for @dwellmagazine

bolig-summer-3Endless Summer Part 03—On cool nights we like to cozy up by the wood fireplace and read. Photo by Mette Wotkjær for The Style Files

terraces-16Endless Summer Part 04—Private dinner parties in my backyard were the best days of summer. Photo by Andreas Mikkel Hansen inspired by @nordic_design

14_5915Endless Summer Part 05—Take a cue from Icelandic blogger Hugrún Hannesdóttir from @nordicstylemag on how to keep summer alive through the colder months of the year. Planters from @fermliving

Black-stain-summer-house-Sweden-RemodelistaEndless Summer Part 06—We envy the Nordic summer escape. Photo from @remodelista

This post was originally featured on @roveconcepts Instagram August 3-7.
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