Twin House 1

Nook Architects refurbished two adjacent apartment suites to create this compact and functional twin house in Barcelona’s historic Gothic Quarter. When intervening to make the contemporary changes seen in this residential home, the architects were careful to preserve the centuries-old historical significance imbedded in the foundations of this old dwelling.

Twin House 2

The old space was highly compartmentalized with small rooms and little or no natural light or ventilation; the new space uses elements like transparent doors and camouflaged coloring techniques to re-open the feel of the interior spacing.

Twin House 4

The architects cleverly designed the apartment into two zones which represent the concept of two halves that make one. Although physically separated into two parts, the two halves meet over a cohesive design that is apparent in the layout and décor of this cool Catalonian home.

Twin House 3

Original post and photos from Architizer.


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