Behind the Scenes at the Hello Rove 3.0 Launch

Rove 3.0 Launch Exclusive - 1

Last week we launched our new website, the version we like to call Rove 3.0. Our in-house team of graphic designers and web developers have been working mighty hard over the past year to bring a cleaner and more user-friendly experience for our customers and we were excited for the big release. Moments before the site went live on Wednesday, our team gathered around to pop some bubbly and the countdown began. Zoe couldn’t contain her excitement!

Rove 3.0 Launch Exclusive - 2

Rove 3.0 Launch Exclusive - 3

Our many new features reflect the growth of our humble company from three founders to a medium-sized team of fourteen (nineteen if you count the dogs).

More big news coming soon, so grab a seat and stick around.


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