Last week we got serious electric vibes with the Brilliant Blue Series. We featured the fall trend for vibrant indigo color, perfect with natural hues like wood and white. See the style below


Brilliant Blue Part 01 – One of our favorite spots in the city! We love the authentic food and crisp interior by Scott and Scott Architects at local Kin Kao Thai Kitchen. Photo from @kinkaokitchen

Such-a-great-idea-to-give-an-entrance-a-colored-frame-via-InteriorJunkie - VKV Visuals

Brilliant Blue Part 02 – Fifty shades of blue. Photo of Philippe Starck Masters Chair by @vkvvisuals

Stylish-Swedish-Residence-Styled-by-Sasa-Antic-01-e1442950805994 - Nordic Design

Brilliant Blue Part 03 – “Experiencing sadness and anger can make you feel more creative, and by being creative, you can get beyond your pain and negativity.” – Yoko Ono. Photo from @nordic_design

Finlandia_Caviar_08 - Nordic Design

Brilliant Blue Part 04 – Subtle, yet so bold. Try some of the world’s most exclusive decadents at Finlandia Caviar. Photo from @nordic_design

c8fe145dc6882aba7810d2c819924fbf - Lush Home

Brilliant Blue Part 05 – Blue on blue on blue on blue. Photo from Lush Home

Indigo-Bedroom-e1404316887143 - Mad About The House

Brilliant Blue Part 06 – It’s the weekend! Fall asleep into this deep blue abyss. Photo from Mad About the House

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