Fall to the Dark Side of Mid-Century Modern Design

The season of Fall is upon us. Let us embrace the darker days and the overcasts of black and eerie wonder. What do you think of our The Dark Side Lookbook?

The Dark Side Polyvore




Barcelona Daybed with Skeleton (skeleton not included)
Black leather upholstery is the perfect foundation for a nap – or eternal slumber, depending on how much spare time you have to sleep these days.


Wishbone Chair in Ebony
Black stained ash wood is a solid choice for a darkened interior. Eerie vibes come complimentary with the unique slender curves of the Wishbone backrest and textures of the corded woven seat.


RAR Molded Plastic Rocker in Black
Cradle your fears in this still chic mid-century staple. The polypropylene plastic shell is comfortable for endless nights of shaking fear, and easy to clean in case you get too scared in the dark.


Louis Ghost Chair in Smoke Polycarbonate
A worthy spook-off between Louis and The Dead Men of Dunharrow happened. Louis lost, but he was way cuter and would be a better choice to take home.


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