#SmallSpaceSaturday – The Minimalist Workshop


It’s the time of year when daylight savings isn’t saving you any time when it comes to getting work done. The downfall of productivity could come at you from many angles, including from a sense of limited space – small working surface, desks cluttered with knick knacks, one too many stacks of papers, knees banging on table legs, etc.

Tackling this problem could be tricky. Maybe you only have space for a small office nook. Maybe your workspace is actually a multi-purpose guest room and needs to be rearranged yet again with the holidays coming up. Maybe you need accessible storage but loath the usual utilitarian filing cabinets.

Ready for a change this #SmallSpaceSaturday? The trick is to take away anything frivolous and start with a foundation of simple, clean-lined furniture. White surfaces look effortlessly neat, and including natural wood details throughout will make it still feel like home.

#GetTheLook with these space-saving items:

  1. Liva Work Desk – SALE $645

    Liva Work Desk_Front

  1. DSW Chair – SALE $79



  1. Factory Table Lamp – NEW $99



  1. Karla Display Unit – SALE $775

Karla Display Unit_Front_0


See it on Polyvore, and other sets from the new #SmallSpaceSaturday series!


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