#SmallSpaceSaturday – The Concept of Visual Space



If you’re short on space, like the majority of apartment dwellers we know, applying the concept of “visual space” is key to keeping claustrophobia at bay. Visual space refers to your perception of the space you’re in, regardless of how much square feet you’re working with.

This doesn’t just mean keeping things tidy and doing away with what you don’t need. (Bonus points to those who know who the debatable design philosophy “Ornamentation is a crime” came from!) It also doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stay minimal with your color palette – although we do love monochrome looks too.

Being attentive to visual space will bring cohesiveness and a sense of airiness to your living space. Instead of obstructing your vision or halting your gaze, think of silhouettes that would allow you to see past its frame. For those who find certain modern looks too “cool”, we stress that this concept does not confine you to a steel and glass prison! Instead, you can curate a collection of wire, glass and wood pieces, each with its own unique design features.


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Platner Side Table_01_0

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Check it out on Polyvore! And get more inspiration for small space living here.


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