Simple tips for decorating with home accessories

Decorating your home can be a tricky feat – how does Serena Goh, Victoria Smith, Kristen Grove, Blair Stakey and all the other design bloggers do it so well? They make it look easy and so gorgeously good. Well, here are five simple tips inspired from our friends at The Spicy Stiletto, sfgirlbybay, Simple Grove and The Fox and She to name a few, on decorating with simple home accessories. Any amateur interior decorator can follow. Soon, you’ll be the envy of that on-fleek effortless look; others will wonder what design school you went to!

Keep it neutral 

First rule is to keep it neutral. Neutral tones provide a sense of calmness and tranquility through opening up spaces and offering respect to the natural world. Whites, greys and browns never retire from our palette. Look towards accessories made from natural materials themself, like this amazing concrete pendant which remains pared down despite its dramatic over fall, or marble vases with such beautiful natural veining!


Slanted Marble Vases from Rove Concepts Kure styled with gentle eucalyptus

Small pops of color

With a neutral foundation now in place, it’s always fun to add a small pop of color. These pops are a fun accent to show off your personality and are easy to change as the seasons come and go. For the spring/summer, pastels like these shades mint and blue compliment the neutrals tones of bright grey walls and white furniture. This mint vase is particularly fun!


Short Ceramic Vase from Rove Concepts Kure styled with a lucky jade succulent

Add cushions

Cushions and throws are a small item to that make a big impact on the coziness of a home. It’s so simple, and with the plethora of prints to choose from, cushions can be that double pop of color in your neutral base home.

The Fox and She (Barcelona) 2

Blair Stakey from The Fox and She’s modern living

Layer and use multiples

It’s basically art. Get creative with these two key words in mind. Once stacking books, laying wood boards has become a very stylish trend in the kitchen compiled from functional practical objects. Multiples of three is a personal favorite. This looks particularly nice with varying heights, and is great with mixing flower pots or vases and candles.

sf girl nilsson

Nilsson TV Stand and mix and matched planters, styled by sfgirlbybay Victoria Smith

Flowers add freshness

Lastly, you can never go wrong with flowers. Add a spring bouquet to a simple marble vase or bring home fancy foliage for a more authentic rustic feel. Succulents and cacti are always a good choice, whether planted in a small terrarium or large planter. Trees and large plants can add so much character and life to a home. You just can’t go wrong with green!

Simply Grove 5

Metal Planter from Rove Concepts Kure with a super healthy English Ivy, styled by Simply Grove

For more ideas on how to decorate with home accessories, see our product pages on how to stylize each accessory from our Kure Shop. And don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest and Instagram for daily inspiration!


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