How to decorate a dining table for everyday

One would think decorating a dining table would be a simple task. But that’s always easier said than done. What colors should I choose? Which materials look best? What should I use as my centerpiece? How do I balance the heights? Weights? And those textures? It can be a bewildering ordeal figuring out just where to start, so we’ve put together a starter kit for how to decorate a dining table for everyday.

1. Start with shape 
Every dining room starts with the perfect dining table, and this can vary depending on the size and flow of the space you’re working with. Some shapes have the ability to create an illusion for bigger (or smaller) spaces. When choosing your table, note that rectangular tables tend to add length, whereas round tables can make better use of smaller spaces.

The Fox and She

Our Round Marble Tulip Table featured by The Fox and She is a good example of how round tables can make better use of smaller spaces. Credit: The Fox and She.

2. Be creative with centerpieces
Centerpieces can completely transform your dining table. Decorative sculptural pieces can be a beautiful addition that showcases your personality and can add tremendous height and depth to your overall look. For more practical pieces, fruit (bowls) and candles serve a duo purpose. Something like our nordic metal planters are more purposeful than just for plants; the smaller sizes sit beautifully on table tops and make an amazing fruit bowl while the black metal offers a refined and edgy look for your home. When in doubt, flowers are a classic centerpiece choice, adding texture, height and a taste of the changing seasons.

Peonies in Modern Concrete Vase

Flowers are a classic centerpiece choice, adding texture, height and a taste of the changing seasons. These pretty pink peonies are also a bright addition the minimalist background of concrete and marble in this stunning home. Photo: Rove Concepts.

3. Keep it simple 
Lastly, keep it simple. For an everyday, year-round look, neutral colors and natural materials can bring out the best flavors for dining and will never go out of style. This also makes it easy to focus on what really matters – food!


For an everyday, year-round look, neutral colors and natural materials can bring out the best flavors for dining and will never go out of style. Credit: Gillian Stevens.

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The Fox and She
Gillian Stevens


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