#SmallSpaceSaturday – Little People

little people

The classic DSW molded plastic side chair by original designers Ray and Charles Eames inspired the design of this matching eiffel-base dining table. The playful design is fun for both you and the little ones, while the durable polypropylene plastic chair and powder coated German MDF table top materials are built to withstand the sometimes not-so-gentle touch of the kiddies. Keep your kid’s playroom simple and stylish with this #SmallSpaceSaturday look;

#GetTheLook for your little one!



Eiffel Dining Table – SALE $235 USD


DSW Molded Plastic Side Chair – SALE $79 USD

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#SmallSpaceSaturday – Flag Halyard These Days


Daydreaming comes easy when you’re lounging around in this magnificent chair. The Flag Halyard is one of our favorite lounge chairs because of its unique industrial design and cradling comfort.

The chair was designed by leading Danish mid-century designer, Hans J. Wegner whose pieces are as well known for their craftsmanship, aesthetic appeal and functionality as much as their quantity. The Wishbone Chair, Wing Chair, Shell Chair, Papa Chair and Plank Chair are just a few of his many works still in production today.

Placing importance on ergonomic design, Wegner fully believed that furniture was art made to comfort the body. The original idea for the Flag Halyard Chair came to Wegner while he was sitting watching his children play in the sand. Wegner was digging himself into the sand building himself a comfortable chair when he conceived an idea inspired by the sand and the sea.

The Flag Halyard’s abandonment of wood for steel came from the influence of Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer. The wide stainless steel frame is brought together by 240 meters of flag line forming the seat and back, and offering the name of this iconic chair. The beautiful heavy rope chair is topped off with a long-haired sheepskin rug for the ultimate relaxation.

Can you imagine yourself in the Flag Halyard?


#GetTheLook! The Hans J. Wegner inspired Flag Halyard Chair is now on sale $1749


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#SmallSpaceSaturday – Architectural Design


George Nelson‘s designs are a classic example of where architecture meets furniture in design. Lesser known is that furniture from the 20th century was actually dominated by the design of architects. These architects had turned to designing their own furniture simply because there was not enough in the market adequate to fill their buildings. Mass production eventually came into play, helping to popularize the beauty, functionality and practicality of these later iconic designs.

Exemplifying this intrinsic relationship, it’s interesting to know that some of the most famous mid-century modern furniture designs are the result only of an initial architectural design – The innovative processes and pleasing structures of our best loved chairs and tables were born out of necessity to complement the real focus of the designers at this time. The Barcelona series by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is one such example of an iconic line that comes in the aftermath of the architects’ Pavilion building for the International Exhibition in 1929. Without the German Pavilion, homes and offices would look very different as we know these spaces today.

George Nelson’s Platform Bench is a practical example of the influence of building styles on mid-century modern furniture, designed from a strict attitude towards form and function. Do you see how Nelson’s other furniture designs reflect the nature of architectural design?

Check out the top 3 furniture designs by George Nelson, and #GetTheLook!

Coconut Chair_01

Coconut Chair – NOW $1195


Platform Bench – STARTING $595

Marshmallow Sofa_MODENA BLACK_0

Marshmallow Sofa – NOW $1649

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